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Boxing, “The sweet science”, is a modern Olympic sport that takes place in a square-shaped "ring" between two athletes. The boxers look to outpoint the opponent by landing clean punches on the body and head without receiving more blows in return. In amateur boxing, points are scored by landing clean blows, regardless of their power. A boxer’s goal should be to outbox his opponent by landing numerous clean, effective blows rather than going for the knockout that may not happen. Amateur boxing can be used as a vehicle to instruct in sportsmanship, values of conditioning, positive release of frustrations and energies, in addition to building self-confidence .

Student boxers of all skill and experience levels, male and female, are welcome to train and compete with NUIG Boxing Club. We endeavour to provide the optimum in coaching and fitness training.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Beginners are welcome to come down and train, either for fitness or with an aim to enter competitions. More experienced amateur boxers need to train with the club in Dangan to be considered for competitions. They should contact the committee to work out a training schedule. Email:

WHAT TO BRING: 1. Wear light sportswear (shorts / runners / t-shirts) for training as circuits can be fairly intensive. 2. Water bottle 3. Hand wraps. These can be bought in most sports shops and cost around €5. They're used to support and protect your hand bones, ligaments and joints. 4. Skipping rope / bag gloves etc. if you have them

LOCATION: Dangan Sports Pavilion, NUI Galway Regional Sports Centre, Lower Dangan, Galway



For a long time, boxing has been something of a minority sport in NUI Galway and has not enjoyed the same prestige as the likes of rowing, GAA or athletics. It is the aim of NUI Galway Boxing Club to promote amateur boxing as a spectator sport within the college and for our club to be the most successful university boxing club in the country.


In the 2006 - 2007 college year, members of NUI Galway won titles in both the Senior Irish and British and Irish competitions. 2007 - 2008 Junior Intervarsities, James Kavanagh came runner up in the 75kg category while Deirdre O'Flynn came first in the womens competition, the first female to box for the college. In the 2008-2009 season Stephen Bailey won the junior intervarsity in the heavyweight 91kg division. He followed up on this victory by also winning the senior intervarsity championship later that season.

Stephen Lynam - Irish Novice Championships 91+ Kg Runner-Up 2012

For recent boxing achievements GoTo:

Winners NUI Galway Sports Connect Alumni Leadership award 2011

12/13 Season Febuary 1st IABU

David Lynam - Intervarsity Junior - Winner 91Kg

Jack Higgins - Intervarsity Junior - Winner 67Kg

Parnell Watters - Intervarsity Junior - Winner 64Kg

John Evans - Intervarsity Junior - Runner Up 60Kg

March 1st IATBA Championship

Ryan Dervan - Senior 75Kg - Gold

David Lynam - Novice 91Kg - Gold

Keiran Farrell - Novice 67Kg - Silver

13/14 Season December 7th National Intermediate Championships

Eamon Tighe - 81Kg Runner-Up

March 7th IATBA 

Ryan Dervan - Senior 75kg - Gold

Eamon Tighe - Senior 81Kg - Silver

Ryan Harkin - Intermediate 75Kg - Gold

David Martin - Intermediate 64Kg - Silver

Jack Higgins - Novice 67Kg - Silver

Caoimhe Maguire - Novice 60Kg - Gold

14/15 Season December 5th National Intermediate Championships

Ryan Dervan - 75Kg Winner

March 21st IATBA

Michelle Chambers - Senior 60Kg - Gold

Jack Higgins - Novice 67Kg - Silver

The club has won numerous Intervarsity titles in the past two years and can be considered one of the strongest University Boxing Clubs in Ireland presently.


There are three main competitions in the university boxing calender. The Junior Intervarsities are for boxers with up to five bouts and will be held in November every year. The Intermediate Intervarsities are for boxers with up to 15 bouts. Those with over 15 qualify for Senior level. The Intermediates and Seniors are held in March.

NUI Galway boxers also compete at National Novice, Intermediate level and Elite Level Competitions.