Club profiles: Boxing


Boxing is one of the oldest traditional Olympic sports, dating back to 688 BC. The sport of amateur boxing as we know it came into being in the 19th century and is seen as the more ‘scientific’ cousin to traditional professional boxing. 

Amateur boxing contests are overseen by a solitary Referee and scored by three judges. 

Victory is awarded to the winning boxer based on the following criteria:

Number of blows on the target area

Domination of the bout by technical/tactical superiority


Of course, contests can also be awarded in the instance of a knockout (KO,) technical knockout (TKO,) or if the Referee decides to stop the contest (RSC.)

To participate in this sport an athlete must enhance their athleticism, concentration, discipline and their knowledge of the skills available. Sportsmanship is paramount.

The NUI Galway Boxing Club facilitates student-athletes of all levels; from the complete beginner to Senior-Elite competitors. The University’s Sports Unit are continuously striving to improve facilities and resources to keep the Club at the fore of Irish Third Level boxing. Students are welcome to train for fitness and enjoyment as there is no requirement to compete.


NUI Galway’s Boxing Club has a proud history having produced several noteworthy competitors.

A number of elite athletes have represented the University over the years and this is reflected in the impressive list of Club achievements. 

However one of the Club’s greatest accolades was achieved by two former NUI Galway Boxing Club members: Paul Geoghegan and Daniel Sweeney, who founded the Irish Amateur Third-Level Boxing Association (IATBA,) the regulatory body which oversees all Intervarsity boxing on behalf of the IABA.

This has ushered in a new era for intervarsity boxing and NUI Galway have been proudly represented each year at the National Championships.



Winners NUI Galway Sports Connect Alumni Leadership award 2011


IABA Novice All-Ireland Championships

Stephen Lynam - N91+ Kg (Silver)


IABU Championships

David Lynam - J91Kg (Gold)

Jack Higgins - J67Kg (Gold)

Parnell Watters - J64Kg (Gold)

John Evans J60Kg (Silver)

IATBA Championships

Ryan Dervan - S75Kg (Gold)

David Lynam - N91Kg  (Gold)

Keiran Farrell - N67Kg (Silver)

IABA National Intermediate Championships

Eamon Tighe - 81Kg (Silver)


IATBA Championships

Ryan Dervan - S75kg  (Gold)

Eamon Tighe - S81Kg  (Silver)

Ryan Harkin - I75Kg (Gold)

David Martin - I64Kg (Silver)

Jack Higgins - N67Kg (Silver)

Caoimhe Maguire - N60Kg (Gold)

IABA National Intermediate Championships

Ryan Dervan - 75Kg (Gold)


IATBA Championships

Michelle Chambers - FS60Kg (Gold)

Jack Higgins - FN67Kg (Silver)


IATBA Championships

Darren O’Connor     NJ63 (Gold)

Joanne Malone        FN66 (Gold)

Sibhéal Greene        FNS66 (Gold)

Aisling Parra Haren FN63 (Silver)

Birmingham University Box Cup

Darren O’Connor   N64 (Gold)

Sibhéal Greene      N66 (Silver)

IABA Novice All-Ireland Championships

Darren O’Connor – 64kg (Gold)

IABA Connacht Championships

Cian Doheny – N69 (Silver)

Darren O’Connor – S63 (Silver)

Aaron Cosgrove – N81 (Gold)


There have never been so many opportunities for intervarsity athletes to compete in boxing tournaments both nationally and internationally.

Every March the IATBA hosts their national championships, usually in Dublin’s National Boxing Stadium. These championships cater for Junior Novice, Senior Novice, Intermediate and Senior boxers with the full range of international competition weights.

Successful boxers at this event will then be considered eligible for the IATBA national squads which may be forwarded to events such as the Birmingham Universities Box Cup, the Haringey Box Cup or the FISU World University Championships.

As NUI Galway boxing club is a full affiliate of the Irish Amateur Boxing Association, all Club members may also enter the Provincial and National: Novice, Under-22, Senior and Senior-Elite championships.

On the 24th of November 2019 the Club held it’s first Club tournament in over a decade, hosting six other third level institutions for a day of boxing. As this was a remarkable success, it is hoped that this will become an annual event.