Club profiles: Handball


NUI Galway has had a great last couple of years so there's no better time to join. We aim to promote a friendly environment where people can train and have a laugh. Whether you're a beginner or advanced come down to the handball court!

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Of all the University Colleges in Ireland (indeed the world) Galway undoubtedly has the proudest history. The wall game was played throughout the last few years of the Queen's College, having secured recognition from the Athletic Union of the college in 1904. In the early of UCG, the sport was still held in high esteem with D.J. O Donoghue as Captain for most of the 1920s. Handball was the first Gaelic sport to emerge in Queens College Galway. Though it had difficulty securing recognition from the college the game was certainly being played in QCG by 1902. The Handball Club's experience sheds further light on the contempt for Gaelic games in Queens College Galway. In 1904 it was recognised by the Athletic Union to the disedification of college rugby players, who were heard to using strong words about the wall game. As a protest against previous refusals, the handballers withheld their Union subscriptions. There was an outdoor handball alley in use on campus, but is unclear whether the college had any part in its creation as such. As the decade drew to a close the club received patronage from President Anderson and Professor Pye, and club presidents included Professors Brereton and Sweetman. Handball was certainly played in the college on a regular basis through the first half of the twentieth century, but it had a much lower profile than other Gaelic games due to the lack of an official inter-varsity competition, and as a singles or doubles game it did not involve many students. A similar situation existed in UCD and UCC also. From the little information available, it is fair to say that UCG was the most advanced University College at the handball game.


40x20: All-Ireland Intervarsity Champions: 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983, 9184, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1999, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1998, 2008

Intervarsity 'B' Team Champions: 1995, 2000, 2002

Mens 'A' Singles: 1979 (Mike Shiel), 1981-83 (Ger Coughlan), 1984-86 (John Duggan)

Ladies 'A' Singles: 1994-95 (Yvonne Gacquin)

Mens 'B' Singles: 1995 (Liam Reidy)

U.S. Collegiate 'A' Singles: 2001 (Oliver Conway)

U.S. Collegiate 'B' Singles: 2003 (David Tormey)

U.S. Collegiate 'C' Singles: 2001 (Morris Martin)

U.S. Collegiate Ladies 'A' Singles: 2008 (Caitriona Casey)

U.S. Collegiate 'A' Doubles: 2008 (Caitriona Casey and Marianna Rushe)

60x30: All-Ireland Intervarsity Champions: 1964, 1971, 1972, 1973

Mens 'C' Singles: 2002 (John Nolan), 2008 (Nevan McCartin)

Men's 'B' Singles: 2008 (John Kennedy)

Men's 'A' Singles 2008 (Rikki O Gara)

2014 All Ireland 40x20  Intervarsities: (Seamus Conneely) Mens A Singles runner up   (Darren Carter) Mens C singles Champion 

U.S. Collegiate 'A' singles champion 2014 (Seamus Conneely)

40x20 Mens B All Ireland intervarsities runners up 2015 ( Darren Carter & Shona Ruane)

Mens B one wall champion 2015 ( Conor Noone)

Mens B All Ireland 40x20 singles intervarsities winner ( Conor Noone) and runner up ( Darren Carter)

Mens C 40x20 intervarsities winner ( Ronan Mc Nea)

US Collegiate Mens ‘A’ singles champion 2016 (Darren Carter)

Ladies A  All Ireland 40x20 Doubles intervarsities winners 2017 (Ashling Mullin & Laura Finn)

Mens C All Ireland 40x20 Doubles intervarsities winners 2017 (Shane Walsh & Aoife Tully)

Mens Challanger All Ireland 40x20 Singles Intervarsities 2018 (Winner: Stephen Hally, R.Up: Eoin Gillespie)

Mens Contender All Ireland 40x30 Singles Intervarsities 2018 winner (Oisín Cusack)

Ladies C All Ireland 40x20 Singles Intervarsities 2018 winner (Niamh Tierney)

Ladies B All Ireland Wall Ball Singles Intervarsities 2018 winner (Laura Finn)

Ladies A All Ireland Wall Ball Singles Intervarsities 2018 runner up (Ashling Mullin)

Ladies Open Doubles 60 x 30 Intervarsities Runners Up 2018 (Ashling Mullin & Laura Finn)

Ladies A Singles 60x30 Intervarsity Winner 2018 (Ashling Mullin)

Ladies A Singles 60x30 Intervarsity R-Up  2018 (Eleanor Percy)

Ladies B Doubles 40x20 Intervarsity R-UP 2018 (Eleanor Percy & Kelly Curran)

Men's A Doubles 40x20 Intervarsity Winner 2018 (Darren Carter & Peter Donohue)

Men's B Doubles 40x20 Intervarsity Winner 2018 (Jack McNeela & Paul Conneely)

Ladies B Singles 40x20 Intervarsity Winner 2019 (Eleanor Percy)

Men's C Singles 40x20 Intervarsity R-Up 2019 (Kieran Forde)

USHA Collegiates Ladies Open Drop Down Singles Winner 2019 (Ashling Mullin)

USHA Collegiates Ladies A Singles Winner 2019 (Eleanor Percy)

Ladies Open Singles Wall Ball Intervarsity Winner 2019 (Ashling Mullin)

Ladies Open Singles Wall Ball Intervarsity R-Up 2019 (Eleanor Percy)

Ladies A Singles Wall Ball Intervarsity Winner 2019 (Kelly Curran)

Men's B Singles Wall Ball Intervarsity R-Up 2019 (Jack McNeela)


Mid October: All Ireland 60x30 Singles Championships,

Start of November: All Ireland 40x20 Doubles Championship,

Early Feb : All Ireland Singles 40x20 Championships, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, 

Mid Feb: International Collegiates - USA,

End of March: All Ireland One-Wall Championship