Club profiles: Cricket


Cricket is a field game played between two teams. One team bats first, whilst the other bowls/fields, and once their innings is over, it's the turn of the second team to bat. The aim of the game is to score as many runs (points) as possible when batting, and to get all the opposing players out when bowling. The team with the most runs after each side has played their innings is the winner. Cricket is one of the most beginner-friendly games and incorporates more nationalities than a lot of sports.


Cricket was originally one of the first clubs to be established back in the mid-nineteenth century in what was then known as Queen's College, Galway. However, interest in the game declined during the 20th century, which saw a few dormant phases with only some activity in part. The present club was established in 2002 and has rapidly improved in both numbers and activities since. Rumour has it the piece of land just outside the quadrangle was once a cricket pitch.


  • Winners of All Ireland Varsities in Galway 2018(indoors)
  • Winners of All Ireland Varsities in Galway 2017(indoors)
  • Winners of the Movember Cup in Galway,2017(Indoors)
  • *Semi-Finalists in All Ireland Varsities in Belfast 2017(outdoor)
  • Winners of the Movember Cup in Sligo,2016(indoors)
  • *Quarter-Finalists in All Ireland Varsities,2016(Outdoor)
  • *Semi-Finalists in All Ireland Varsities in Belfast 2016(indoor)
  • Winners of the Movember Cup in Galway,2015(Indoors)
  • *Semi-Finalists in All Ireland Varsities in Belfast,2015(Indoors)
  • *Quater-Finalists in All Ireland Varsities in Dublin,2014(Outdoors)
  • *Runners up in All Ireland Varsities in Belfast,2014(Indoors)
  • *Winners of the Movember Cup in Galway,2013(Indoors)
  • *Runners Up in Galway,2013(Indoors)
  • *Winners in Dublin, 2012 (Outdoors)
  • *Winners In Dublin, 2012(Indoors)
  • *3rd Place in Galway,2011 (Indoors)
  • Quarter-Finalists in Dublin,2010 (Outdoors)
  • *Winners in Galway,2010 (Indoors)
  • 3rd Place in Belfast, 2009 (Indoors)
  • *Winners in Galway, 2008 (Indoors)
  • Quarter-Finalists in Belfast, 2007 (Outdoors)
  • *Runners Up in Galway, 2007 (Indoors)
  • Finished joint 6th in Cork, 2006
  • Finished 4th at the All-Ireland Intervarsities in Dublin,
  • 2005 Finished 6th in Belfast,
  • 2004 Finished 6th in Dublin, 2003


Indoor Varsities were held in Galway in 2017 and NUIG cricket triumphed and remained undefeated throughout the tournament. A team full of youth and incredible talent, we beat the former champions,University of Ulster, by scoring 86 runs in the first innings and restricting a normally very strong UU batting line up to 25 runs.

Overall as listed in the achievements section, NUIG Cricket Club never fails to disappoint in the major tournaments, for a small and relatively newer club in comparison to most our success far outweigh our dissapointments. 5 times winners of the indoor competition,2 time 3rd place and runners up once mean that NUIG are the top team of University cricket in Ireland . What has made us successful has been our dedication towards improvement and the desire to win with a wonderful team ethos.