Club profiles: Equestrian


The Club represents NUIG’s equestrian community at both National and International levels.

The club caters for riders of all levels as our club places emphasis on participation and enjoyment over competitive values. Despite our attitude, the club is always well placed Nationally. Over the past five years the club has gone from strength to strength proving to be one of the most competitive on the circuit.

The club is always popular with international students who are studying in Galway for the year or semester who might not otherwise get a chance to ride during their time here in Galway. In the past, good friendships have been struck up between the Irish and international students and long may that continue.

What makes the club so attractive is the accessibility to a sport that isn’t generally considered accessible. You do not need a horse of your own to join. Through funding provided by the college, the club subsidises as much of the activities as possible, subsequently reducing the cost for the student at significant rates.



2nd Team 1 National Tetrathalon 2019

3rd Individual Male Natioanal Tetrathalon 2019

3rd Individual Female National Tetrathalon 2019

4th Individual Show Jumper 2019 National Intervarsities 

5th in individual show jumping at the 2017 National Intervarsity Championships

6th Dressage Team 2019 National Intervarsities 

6th Show Jumping Team 2019 National Intervarsities 

4th Male individual Tetrathalon 2018

5th Female Individual Tetrathalon 2018

6th Team Tetrathalon 2018

1st and 3nd in the girls riding phase in 2015 National Tetrathalon Championships.

1st in the girls running phase in 2015 National Tetrathalon Championships.

3rd in Boys Running and Riding section at 2015 National Tetrathalon Championships.

Overall team 5th at 2015 National Tetrathalon Championships.

Showjumping team 5th at National Intervarsity Championships 2014.

Individual boys 2nd at National Intervarsity Championships 2014.

Team 5th at 2014 National Tetrathalon Championships.

2rd and 5th in the girls' 2014 National Tetrathalon Championships.

As a result of these achievements in recent years, a number of our NUIG students have been selected to represent Irish student riding at SRNCs( Student Rider Nations Cup) in Romania, Germany, Spain and Florida.


The National Equestrian Intervarsites is an event that is held once every year in March. It consists of three disciplines; Showjumping, Dressage and Prix Caprilli. Each year the event is hosted by one University and there are over 20 National Universities competing against one another, with over 250 students competing alongside dozens of supporters from various Universities. Due to COVID-19 there is an ongoing discussion on whether an event of this scale could safely take place in Spring 2021.  Follow our social media for more updates. 

The National Tetrathalon  traditionally takes place in November of each Academic year. It is comprised of four phases over the course of two days. Those of which are Showjumping,Running,Swimming and Shooting. Training and trials for each discipline are conducted in Semester 1. Similar to the Intervarsities there are 20 universities competing at Tetrathalons.