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NUI Galway Boat Club is one of the most successful clubs in the University and indeed in Irish rowing. In the last decade, we have captured numerous National Championship titles across the board - Men's and Women's; Senior, Intermediate and Club; Novice; Masters; eights; fours; quads; pairs; doubles; even the single scull. If anyone has raced it, we've won it.

This past season saw the club take home 6 championship titles, and we placed second in a further 7 events. This places NUIGBC miles ahead of the competition on a national scale.

Furthermore, NUIGBC athletes Clíodhna Nolan and Bríon O'Rourke raced for Ireland at the Rowing U23 World Championships in Sarasota, Florida this past July. Incredibly, they came 4th and 7th respectively. Lisa Murphy stepped up at the U23 European Championships and proudly represented her college and country.

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2019 Irish National Rowing Championships - The top performing club in the COUNTRY. 6 WINS. 7 SECOND PLACES.

1st - Women's Senior 8+, Senior 4-, Senior 2-, Senior 2X, Intermediate 8+, Club 4+.

2nd - Men's Club 8+, Club 4+, Novice 4X+, Women's Intermediate 4+, Intermediate 2-, Club 8+, Novice 4x+.

2016 Irish National Rowing Championships

Men's Senior 4- 1st. The men's senior 4- set a new course record by 7 seconds

Men's Intermediate 4+ - 1st. This was the third year in a row that NUIG won this event

Men's Club 4+ - 1st. This was the first time the club won this event since it was introduced in 2014.

Women's Intermediate 1x - 1st

2015 Irish National Rowing Championships

Men's Senior 4- 1st

Men's Intermediate 4+ - 1st

Women's Intermediate 4+ - 1st

Women's Club 4+ - 1st

2015 - Winners of the Galway Sports Stars 'Club of the Year Award'


2019: 1st Place

Women's Senior 8+

Women's Senior 2- 

Women's Intermediate 4+ 

Women's Intermediate 2X 

Women's Club 4+ 


Men's Club 8+ - 1st

Men's Intermediate 8+ - 1st

Men's Intermediate 4+ - 1st

Wylie Cup winners. This was the first time in nine years that NUIG Boat Club won this cup.