Club profiles: Karate


Our aim is to provide the membership with a clearly identifiable and trustworthy Quality Mark for Karate-where Safety, Standards and Answerability are ensured.
To promote and encourage the development of the subtle and less publicised aspects of Karate training.
The potential for the nurturing and development of focus, cognitive skills, responsible citizenship, confidence building and personal development.
The exploration of Conflict resolution techniques and processes.

Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu is a modern interpretation of Okinawa's historic combative-like disciplines. A completely systematized, cohesive and coherent method of learning/teaching, delivered in a traditional atmosphere, honouring both its culture and pioneers.
Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu can also be learned/imparted as a provocative alternative to conventional methods of physical fitness and stress management. Learning how to respond dispassionately to unwarranted aggression requires self- empowerment. Such training promotes an inner-calm and, where conflict exists, helps restore balance to personal and professional relationships.
Koryu Uchinadi is a non-competitive, totally application-based defensive practice, punctuated with moral philosophy and highlighted by introspective teaching as a comprehensive single study.


A small group of people approached the college for the proposal to establish the club in 1984.
In 1984, about 100 members signed up on Clubs Day.
Over the course of the year, this settled to a core group of about 35 - 40 people who trained consistently. Plenty of people continued to train on a less regular basis.

The NUIG Karate Club is now a full member dojo with the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society, under the direction of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy who is based in Australia. Hanshi McCarthy has over 40 years of training experience, which he shares willingly at every possible opportunity. This has opened the door to exploring the more traditional aspects of Karate through Koyru Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu ( )

NUIG Koryukan - Karate Club is now a Shibu Dojo (Branch Dojo), and have authority to use the Koryu Uchinadi name, logo and issue dan/kyu grades within the Koryu Uchinadi curriculum.


In 1987, the Club received its first College Sports Award. This was presented to John Sheehy, who is still training but now in Japan. John joined the club in 1984 and is one of two people who originally started with the Karate Club in 1984 and are still training today. Some years later in 1993, Damien Costello (Chief Instructor of the GMIT Karate Club and Guest instructor in NUIG) was given the same award, followed by Pauline Connolly (circa 1997) and Audrey Kelly (circa 1998).
The Sports Awards are an important aspect of the College's recognition of the activities of all the clubs and as such are not to be taken lightly.

The very first NUI, Galway Club of the Year award for the academic year of 1999-2000 was won by the club.


Throughout the years of training, the club has always partaken in the Intervarsities Competition every year. It was in 1993 that it first won the overall title and brought the Intervarsities Cup to Galway.
Since then, the club has proven a strong competitor every year and has repeated that overall standing many times. I think that this due in no small part to the commitment and dedication of the chief instructors at the club, Sensei Damian Murphy and Sensei Damien Walker.

As well as competing on a National Level, Club representatives have competed in both Kata and Kumite on an International Level. Some members of the club who have competed at Senior International level, as part of the ONAKAI (Official Amateur Karate Association of Ireland) squad include Pat Kelly, John Sheehy, Eric Gibson, Damian Murphy, Martin Hurley and Mark O'Higgins. Mark O'Higgins and John Sheehy travelled as part of an Irish Universities Team to the European Collegiate Championships in Crystal Palace in 1989. Mark competed in Kumite and John placed 4th in the Kata. Members have also competed in various International Challenges including one against the Australian National Team which was held Dublin around 1992. [As a quirke of fate Martin Hurley now operates a dojo in Dublin with one of the members of that 1992 Australian Team, and both give regular clinics in NUIG]