Club profiles: Swimming & Waterpolo

Swimming & Waterpolo

NUIG Swimming, Waterpolo & Lifesaving Club caters for Swimmers of all skill levels. From the individual who has never set foot in a pool before to the international medal holder. The club is set up in three branches. Swimming, Waterpolo & Lifesaving. All train in the Kingfisher complex on the University grounds.Swimming: Train towards the Swimming Intervarsity competition.Waterpolo: Train towards the Waterpolo Intervarsity competition.Lifesaving: Run courses which train people to be pool lifeguards and the likes, also train towards the Lifesaving Intervarsity competition.


2012:Swimming: Won Men's Intervarsities, Waterpolo: Won Men's IntervarsitiesLifesaving: Won Intervasities...2012 was a good year for us!

2014: Water-Polo: 2nd in the Men's Intervarsities, Life-Saving: Won Intervarsities

2017: Achieved 82% podium finishes in NUIG Invitational Gala.

2018: Competed at University of Limerick's Invitional Gala. Women's relay team won both the Medley and Freestyle


ALIVE (volunteering) AwardMen's Waterpolo Intervarsity Champions - 2012Men's Swimming Intervarsity Champions - 2012Overall Lifesaving Intervarsity Champions - 2012

2014: Overall Lifesaving Intervarsity Champions