Club profiles: Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is one of the most widely practised martial arts in the world. It is both a style of combat and international sport of Korean origin. As one of the most successful Tae Kwon Do clubs in the country, we are consistantly turning out national and international competitors. Looking for competitive glory, to get fit, or to meet people and just have a good time, come join the NUI Galway Tae Kwon Do club today.


The NUI Galway TaeKwon-Do Club celebrates it's 25th year as a University club in 2018/19. We are a member of Taekwondo Ireland, but welcome students from all organisations and taekwondo affiliations.

Our head instructor Mr. Spelman is the first IV Dan Black Belt of TaeKwon-Do in our club and has been a member of the club since he joined as a white belt nearly 20 years ago. Our other instructor Ms. Fitzpatrick is a II Dan Black Belt and is currently training for her III Dan Black Belt. She has been a member of the club since she joined as a white belt. 


May 2018, Annual Black Belt Grading and Awards Night:

  • Ms Roisin O'Loughlin awarded her 1st degree black belt.
  • Agata Rzeznik won the Taekwondo Ireland Compeditor of the Year Award.

Spring Grading 2018:


  • Aaron Croke, Red belt
  • Agata Rzeznik, Red tag
  • Nathan Deane-Huggins, Blue tag
  • Lorcan McCarthy, Yellow belt
  • Stephen Hughes, Yellow belt
  • Luke Coughlan, Yellow belt
  • Deborah Malone, Yellow belt
  • Emmet Devaney, Yellow belt

Thanks to Master Burke who travelled up from Cork to grade everyone.

T.A.G.B. Birmingham - November 2017

Well done to Agata Rzeznik, Aaron Croke, Nathan Deane-Higgins and Roisin O'Loughlin who all went over to Birmingham and competed in the T.A.G.B. British Championships. This was a massive competition with over 1500 competitors that was held in the Barclay Arena in Birmingham. 

Our members were unlucky in the patterns section of the competition but did very well in the sparring part of the tournament. 

Overall, it was a fantastic experience and a great time was had by all.


  • Agata Rzeznik, silver in tag sparring and bronze in individual sparring
  • Nathan Deane-Higgins, bronze in individual sparring
  • Roisin O'Loughlin, bronze in individual sparring

November Grading 2017:


  • Cathal Ó Mhurcú, Red belt
  • Aaron Croke, Red tag
  • Agata Rzeznik, Blue belt
  • Darrough Tock ,Blue tag
  • Nathan Deane-Higgins, Green belt
  • Regine Reineke, Green belt
  • Deborah Malone, Yellow tag
  • Stephen Hughes, Yellow tag
  • Lorcan McCarthy, Yellow tag
  • Trevor Hyland, Yellow tag
  • Emmet Devaney, Yellow tag
  • Owen Higgins, Yellow tag
  • Brian Fox, Yellow tag

October 2017 Connacht Championships

Very well done to all of those who attended Connacht Taekwodo Championships today!! Especially to all of the new members of the club: Reg, Lorcán and Emmet 👏


  • Roisin O'Loughlin, Gold in patterns & gold in sparring
  • Cathal Ó Mhurcú, Silver in sparring
  • Aaron Croke, Gold in patterns and silver in sparring
  • Agata Rzeznik, Silver in patterns and silver in sparring 
  • Regime Reineke, Gold in sparring 
  • Nathan Deane-Higgins, Gold in patterns and gold in sparring
  • Emmet Devaney, Bronze in patterns and bronze in sparring 
  • Lorcan McCarthy,Bronze in patterns and silver in sparring. 

Congratulations to you all!!

Thank you, Connacht Taekwon-Do for having us! :)

 Intervarsities 2015:

  • Sarah Prendergast: Gold in Individual Sparring & Silver in Team Sparring
  • Javan Neves: Gold in Individual Sparring & Silver in Team Sparring
  • Sean Feeney: Gold in Patterns, Bronze in Individual Sparring & Silver in Team Sparring
  • John Kinsella: Bronze in Individual Sparring
  • Joao Albuquerque: Silver in Patterns & Silver in Team Sparring
  • Steven Fox: Bronze in Patterns
  • Jade Casey: Bronze in Patterns & Silver in Team Sparring

November 2014 Semester One Grading


  • Colm Duffy, Blue Tag
  • John Kinsella, Green Belt
  • Kealan Moore, Yellow Belt
  • Joseph O'Connor, Yellow Belt
  • Sean Feeney, Yellow Tag
  • Emma Linnane, Yellow Tag
  • Steven Fox, Yellow Tag
  • Javan Neves, Yellow Tag
  • Emile Cunha, Yellow Tag
  • Joao Albuquerque, Yellow Tag
Special Congratulations to Emile Cunha who won the Grading Award on the night.

October 2014 Connaught Championships

  • Mr. Joshua Byrne, 3rd place Black Belt Sparring.
  • Chris Walsh, 3rd place Blue-Black Tag Patterns.
  • Sean Feeney, 3rd place White-Green Tag Patterns & 3rd place Light-Weight Sparring.
  • Javan Neves, 3rd place White-Green Tag Patterns & 3rd place Middle-Weight Sparring.
  • Henrique Campos, 2nd place White-Green Tag Light-Weight Sparring.
  • Emmanuel Antunes, 1st place White-Green Tag Middle-Weight Sparring.
  • Joseph O'Connor, 3rd place White-Green Tag Middle-Weight Sparring.
  • John Kinsella, 2nd place White-Green Tag Heavy-Weight Sparring.
  • Ross Duffy, 3rd place White-Green Tag Heavy-Weight Sparring.
  • Kealan Moore, 3rd place White-Green Tag Heavy-Weight Sparring.
Out of the 10 competitors from NUIG TKD, 12 medals were achieved, Including, one gold, two silver and nine bronze.

May 2014 Annual BlackBelt Grading and Awards Night:

  • Mr Adrian Lawless Awarded his 2nd degree blackbelt
  • Mr Peter Spelman promoted to TKDI Examiner
May 2013 Annual BlackBelt Grading and Awards Night:

  • Mr.Peter Spelman, Head Instructor, Awarded his 4th degree black belt.
  • Mr. Joshua Byrne, Awarded his 1st degree black belt and also won the TaeKwon-Do Ireland Competitor of the year award.

July 2013 Summer Colour Belt Grading:

  • Chris Walsh Promoted to Red Belt
  • Brandon Wiles Promoted to Red Tip
  • Padraig Reilly & Johanna Stock Promoted to Green Belt
  • Maja Rajkov Promoted to Green Tag


NUIG Intervarsities 2018

After initial postponement due to an unprecedented heavy snowfall back in early March, the 2018 Intervarsities finally got underway in the Kingfisher on Sunday the  15th of April.

On the day we had over 50 competitors, with clubs from UCC, DIT, NUI Maynooth, UL, SRC, UCD and NUIG all being strongly represented. We had three rings in operation, as competitors competed in individual patterns, individual sparring, team patterns and team sparring. 

NUIG Taekwondo Club was successful on the day, coming away with silverware across all divisions. 

Thanks to all the black belts for umpiring and referring the competitions, in particular Mr Spelman and Ms Fitzpatrick. 

An enjoyable sporting day was had by all taking part and good luck to UL Taekwondo club who have agreed to host next years Intervarsities.

Success at Intervarsities 2015 for NUIG

Saturday 21st saw NUI Galway Taekwon-Do attend the Irish Intervarsities in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

The competitors were very successful in their winning of medals. In the White Belt to Green Tag category, Sarah Prendergast (White Belt) and Javan Neves (Yellow Tag) took gold medals in the female and male Sparring respectively, with Sean Feeney (Yellow Tag) taking the bronze in the male category. In the Green Belt and above category, John Kinsella (Green Belt) took home the bronze medal.

In the Patterns, NUIG swept the medals for the male White Belt to Green Tag category, with Sean Feeney (Yellow Tag), Joao Henrique Albuquerque (Yellow Tag) and Steven Fox (Yellow Tag) taking gold, silver and bronze respectively. In the female category, Jade Casey (White Belt) came away with bronze.

In the Team Sparring events, the male team of Javan Neves, Joao Henrique Albuquerque and Sean Feeney, and the female team of Jade Casey and Sarah Prendergast both took silver, losing out to the DIT teams.

Pictured L-R are: Joao Albuquerque, Steven Fox (Secretary), John Kinsella (OCM), Javan Neves, Sean Feeney (Treasure), Jade Casey, Christopher Walsh (Captain). Missing from the photo are Sarah Prendergast and Sarah Counihan.

Total medal count on the day for NUIG was 13 medals including, 3 Gold, 6 Silver and 4 Bronze.

Overall, a great day was had by all, and we would like to extend our gratitude to our drivers on the day.