Club profiles: Windsurfing


After being relatively quiet for a while the NUIG windsurfing club is finally building back up again. Whether you are an experienced windsurfer looking to get out on the water again or you have never even heard of windsurfing before, it would be fantastic if you will join us on the water. It's a great sport with great variety within it. A mixture between surfing and sailing, at the beginning you will learning how to balance and control the board, then as you progress you will learn how to build up speed and start flying across the water! For the experienced windsurfers we can share tips of how to do things like jump the board and hopefully even things like loops. No previous experience is at all necessary, all our committee members are very experienced windsurfing instructors (and a good bit of craic too!) and will cater for those of any level.

Our usual way of running things would be to hold weekly sessions on either Saturday or Sunday. We provide all the gear including the equipment itself, wetsuits, lifejackets, etc, literally everything except swimsuits and a towel. This year we will be hopefully aiming to do something similar, however unfortunately they may not be running as often. We will keep you updated on that via email and our Facebook page. Last year we also tried to organise a few trips away, in particular an abroad trip to Gran Canaria at the end of last year (unfortunately we were not able to go in the end because of Covid). This year we will be monitoring the Covid situation closely and at the moment, purely from a safety point of view with regards to the virus, we have no plans for trips for semester 1. Hopefully, we may be able to run some in semester 2 (fingers crossed) but we are not sure yet. Our big thing will be the weekend sessions, we'll try our best to keep them running as frequently as we can.

So perfect yeah that's all the important stuff (I think anyways). Thanks, and hopefully see you on the water soon!


Windsurfing is an amazingly young sport. Its roots are easily traced back to the garages of two Southern Californians. Jim Drake, a sailor, and Hoyle Schweitzer, a surfer, got together and thought about what could be... By 1968, they had combined their two sports into a workable, if not somewhat unusual, patented new hybrid sport. Schweitzer logically called it windsurfing, and the board, a windsurfer. The early 1980's were a period of tremendous growth for windsurfing. Racing participation was at an all-time high, the professional World Cup tour was born, and the sport was awarded with Olympics status in the 1984 Los Angeles Games. Equipment development progressed at a fevered pitch through the mid-80's as seen when a windsurfer captures the world speed sailing record at slightly faster than 36 knots. Since then, windsurfers on extremely specialised equipment, sailing in winds of 40 knots and above, have pushed that speed up to an incredible level. Now, after 27 short years, windsurfing is a fully matured sport, with destination resorts all over the world. Everyone from little kids to old fogies are windsurfing - practising the best sport in the world!!!


The club hosted the 2013 Irish Windsurfing Intervarsities at Coláiste Uisce in Belmullet Co. Mayo. It also participated and did well in the most recent intervarsities organised, hosted by UL in Brandon Bay 2/3 years ago.