Club profiles: Hockey (Men)

Hockey (Men)

Welcome to NUIG Men's Hockey. We are a lighthearted but ambitious club, planning to build a team of players that want to be competitive but have a penchant for a bitta craic. Our biggest goal of the season is the Outdoor Intervarsities, an amazing weekend where hockey teams from all the universities in Ireland come to do battle and have a bit of fun. We take players of all levels, be that an experienced player or an absolute beginner. We especially love to see anyone that has never picked up a hockey stick give it a go as it is our mission to grow men's hockey in Galway and Connacht. We are team that is focused on both Outdoor and Indoor Hockey. We run an hour long recreational indoor session under the guise of Mixed Indoor Hockey for both men and women in the Kingfisher Fitness Club. We welcome all levels, and provide equipment as required. We have the best kit, and the best craic, so come and give it a go, we guarantee you'll enjoy it!!


Founded in September 2017, we are a relatively new club. We haven't let that hold us back however, and we have already competed in 4 Intervarsities competitions. We hosted the Mixed Indoor and Outdoor Intervarsities in tandem with the Women's team last year in our first year as a club, and have built many connections around the country in that time. 




  • We finished 5th in the Mauritius Plate in our first ever Men's Outdoor Intervarsities, a fantastic achievement as we had just founded the team a month beforehand. 
  • We hosted the Mixed Outdoor and Indoor Intervarsities in our first year as a club. 
  • Our Mixed Men and Women's Team finished 5th in the Mixed Outdoor Intervarsities. 


  • We finished 2nd in the first Indoor Intervarsities competition in 8 years, with a mixed men and women's team. 



  • With renewed fervor we returned to the Men's Outdoor Inervarsties and again finished in our favourite position of 5th. This was a very reputable result considering we started the weekend in the same group as Trinity and DCU, the teams that would finish 1st and 2nd in the competition respectively.