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The NUI, Galway Sub-Aqua club conducts SCUBA diving courses for beginners, culminating in the awarding of an internationally recognised entry-level diving qualification, whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety. Certified divers are welcome to join the club, and can start diving with us after a straightforward crossover process. We dive all along the west coast from Malin Head, Co. Donegal to Schull, Co. Cork. The club is a member of The Irish Underwater Council CFT, which in turn is affiliated to C.M.A.S. (Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques). We adhere to the highest safety standards as outlined by these organisations and award the various qualifications under their guidelines.


In 1963, the UCG Diving Society was founded. Over the following years the society was disbanded and the UCG Diving Club was formed. In recent years the Galway RTC joined our ranks and we are now the NUIG/GMIT Sub-Aqua Club.


We are the oldest and amongst the largest university diving clubs run by undergraduates and postgraduates of the two colleges. We train up to 50 new members each year and maintain the highest level of training standards.


Brief Theory Lectures on Wednesdays 8-9pm followed by a training session from 9.30-11pm in the Kingfisher pool.

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Captain - Ciara Murray:

Training Officer - Bríana Casserly:

Diving Officer - Liam Strachan: 

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Here's the link to our short promo video - give it a watch!

Committee Members
Assistant Equipment Officer:Kate Ryan
Treasurer:Benjamin O'Flynn
Webmaster:Craig Ferguson
Training Officer:Briana Casserly
Vice Captain:Jennifer Smith
Equipment Officer:Jake Shiel
Safety Officer:Chloe Bagnall
Assistant Diving Officer:Kirsty Moran
Diving Officer:Liam Strachan
Boat Officer:Sean McLoughlin
Captain:Ciara Murray
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