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There are now 47 active and vibrant sports clubs at NUI Galway. Joining and participating in a sports club will provide you with lasting memories of college life

Pool and Snooker

NUI Galway's is one of Ireland's top college Pool and Snooker Club teams, with successes in both inter-college and interna …


NUIG Mountaineering Club is actively involved in Hiking, Walking, Mountain Navigation Skills and Rock Climbing. Membership is open …

Soccer (Ladies)

Welcome to NUI Galway Ladies Soccer Club! Here at NUI Galway, women's soccer is fast becoming one of the university's most popul…

GAA - Gaelic Football (Mens)

The above picture is of the Sigerson Team for the year 2015/ 2016 as they lined out before the UCD game in Dangan in February of l …


The tennis club in NUIG has been growing progressively over the past number of years. All levels from complete beginners to passio…

Muay Thai

The art of the eight limbs: the most effective striking discipline.


Boxing is one of the oldest traditional Olympic sports, dating back to 688 BC. The sport of amateur boxing as we know it came int…

Hockey (Men)

Welcome to NUIG Men's Hockey. We are a lighthearted but ambitious club, we are a team that want to be competitive but also hav …


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Outdoor Sports


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Martial Arts


Extreme Sports


Water Sports




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