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NUI Galway TKD first month back

Posted by Tae Kwon Do on Mon, 29-09-2014

During the first week of semester one the NUI Galway TKD Club was happy to welcome members new and old, and was itself reminded of the joy involved in a progressive discipline such as Taekwon-Do that can offer so much to the students and the trainers alike. It did not take long to fall in and line-up at the first training session. We all trained together and then apart in separate belt grades, before joining back together for some stretching. The committee used the camera and took pictures of the high speed action during training, which were later uploaded to the NUI Galway TKD Facebook page. At the end of the session we had words of wisdom from the trainers and information from the committee about who, what, where and when, and about the upcoming events.

As the Club likes to attend at least one team building event monthly, this month we decided to go bowling and had a great turnout of over 15 members, committee members and trainers. Some members know their way to the bowling alley and we met strangers to Galway city at the Kingfisher Sports Club and guided them to the centre. We again had the camera to hand as we bowled most of the night away, and then went home before midnight to bed for some much needed R&R before returning to training the following day.

We would like to thank the Club members for their continued support and we look forward to the coming weeks and to training and more trips and events.

NUI Galway TKD Committee.


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