Leadership Development Programme

Programme Overview

"Learning is the essential fuel for the leader, the source of high octane energy that keeps up the momentum by continually sparking new understanding, new ideas, and new challenges. It is absolutely indispensable under today's conditions of rapid change and complexity. Very simply, those who do not learn do not long survive as leaders."

Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus, Leaders: The Strategies for Taking Charge

NUI Galway Leadership Workbook


The purpose of the NUI Galway Clubs’ Leadership Development Programme is to:

  • Develop Leadership and Management expertise among the Executive Officers of the Clubs
  • Ensure the Clubs help themselves regarding their growth and development
  • Complete proposals to galvanise learning
  • Understand Strategic Thinking and ensure proposals are aligned to the future direction and development of their club
  • Provide practical management and leadership insights which can be applied immediately
  • Ensure more effective and active clubs

To maximise the impact of the Leadership Development Programme participants will work on a project specific for their club and will develop their Project plan and on completion of the programme present their plan to their fellow participants and to an assessment panel.

Features of the programme:

  • As applicable to the individual clubs, the facilitative workshops will address relevant areas for the project.
  • A mentor will be available to support the clubs
  • Time will be provided at the end of each workshop to allow the team to apply what they learned in the workshop to their club project plan.
  • The project will provide Executive Officers with a framework for developing their clubs on an ongoing basis
Presentations of Proposals: Date to be confirmed
  • Each club presents outline club strategic plan
  • Specific project to progress implementation of club strategy presented
  • Questions and Answers

A partnership between Sports Clubs, ALIVE and NUI Galway Alumni Office.

Aim: To develop leadership capacity in participating students and Sports Clubs in NUI Galway. To promote and develop sport and recreational activity


The “Sports Connect” programme has been designed to engage with University Sports club committees to establish what knowledge, skills and attitudes they have pertaining to University club development and participation and what knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to perform effectively within their Sports Clubs to achieve Sport Club longevity and increased participation. This programme will offer solutions and structures in providing longevity to the club, participation in numbers and excellence in performance.

2010 Alumni Leadership winners: Nuig Ladies Hockey Club.

2011 Alumni Leadership winners: NUIG Boxing Club.

2012 Alumni Leadership winners: NUIG Archery Club.

2013 Alumni Leadership winners: Joint Winners NUIG Tabletennis Club & NUIG Surf CLub.

2014 Alumni Leadership Winners: Mens Gaelic Football Club

2014 Alumni Leadership Winners: NUIG Muay Thai Club

Beneficiaries of the programme:

    Sailing club with the purchase of 6 Firefly boats.
    NUIG Sub Aqua Club with the purchase of an off shore Rib, via a submission to the Student Project Fund.
    Boxing Club with the purchase of a new Boxing ring, via a submission to the Student Project Fund.