Clubs Captain

Clubs' Captain: Caitlin Jansen

Caitlin Jansen

Clubs' Captain
Ph: 089 493 9900


The Clubs Captain is responsible for:

  • Representing the views of clubs to the University and to the Executive Committee
  • Providing assistance to clubs in their day to day activities
  • Ensuring the Executive Committee is well informed of club events and issues
  • Working with the Director of Sport and the Development and participation officer to the ensure provision of resources to clubs
  • Organise and Chair the clubs forum
  • Ensure clubs are made aware of all Union policy and events
  • Provides information on club rights within the University

The Clubs Captain is elected the captains of the University clubs in early March. The Union recognizes the Clubs Captain as the chief spokesperson of the clubs

  • Past campaigns have included:
  • The establishment of the Sports Awards to honour the work of clubs on campus
  • Lobbying to have the University sports strategy adopted and funded
  • Working with the University to ensure club access to the new sports centre


Hey all! Quick intro of myself: I've been doing committee work since my early days with Builders' Club straight through to international conventions and committees in high school. Now I've the privilege to serve as your Clubs' Captain! I'm an avid competitor and sport enthusiast. I come from being the Muay Thai Club Captain, Panteras Frisbee former committee member, Snowsports' member and Women's Rugby team member. I'm really excited to be a part of your Students’ Union and look forward to helping in any way I can. If you need anything, feel free to get in contact!