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Do you want to know the secrets of karate?

Posted by Karate on Mon, 07-09-2015

Would you like to learn simple, effective methods of defending yourself against unprovoked attack?

Are you interested in becoming part of a cultural tradition whose origins can be traced back to Ming dynasty China and beyond?

Would you like to practice a traditional martial art that incorporates striking, clinch, takedowns and groundwork as well as the use of ancient weaponry such as the rokushakubo (long staff) and tanbo (short stick) and knife?

Would you like to know the secrets of karate; the brutally efficient methods of personal protection encoded in the traditional forms (kata) and handed down from master to student over the centuries in an ironclad ritual of secrecy?

You would?

Then you will be interested in Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu (or KU for short).

Developed by Patrick McCarthy Hanshi, one of the few westerners to have been awarded the grade of 9th Dan (by an acknowledged Okinawan grandmaster).

KU is a modern interpretation of the civilian self defensive traditions cultivated on the Pacific island of Okinawa, which were heavily influenced by Chinese quanfa (“fist way” – more commonly referred to as kung fu), prior to the turn of the twentieth century.

This was the original art that was later introduced to mainland Japan and became the modern sport and cultural art form of karate.

KU instruction is now available in NUIG from black belt instructors, each with more than two decades of martial arts experience.

No previous martial experience is necessary and all are welcome.

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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all at 6


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