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Archery Club - Another Year!!!

Posted by Archery on Thu, 17-09-2015

The 7th of September saw the return of NUIG Archery Club after a successful outdoor summer season.

With the start of a new academic year, we welcomed all at the first clubs day, which saw over 450 new members sign-up. Students from all over the world signed up and attended the first of our beginners sessions, held every Wednesday. A lot of natural talent came to surface as people who had never even held a bow were hitting the bullseye! It was a very successful session, everyone got to shoot many times and we hope to see everyone return to enhance their skills.

Seasoned members return to shooting this week, many polishing their technique or dusting off the cobwebs. One archer who has no need for the latter is our vice captain Conor O Beolain who achieved two national records in field archery. This has been a great start to the year and we are very excited going ahead. The new beginners are showing exceptional promise, the old members are getting better every day and we look forward to displaying our ability at the intervarsities this year!!!