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First Karate Class of the 2016/2017 term.....

Posted by Karate on Wed, 14-09-2016

Tuesday 13th of September 2016, our official 'first class' of the new term at 18:00 in the Kingfisher. And what a class, great atmosphere, enthusiasm and attendance.

The class consisted of:
1 Junbi Undo – Preparatory Exercises.
2 ‘Core Karate’ -Fundamental Koryu Uchinadi (KU) punching and how to use the punch without impacting with the fist. -Fundamental Kicking.-Flow drills -Alternative tools of impacting (bicep bump, shoulder, elbow, knee, head). -Basic escapes from grabs a la ‘Karate Kid’. :)
3 Seri Undo – Cool Down.

Demonstrations of long staff, single and double sticks.

Question and Answer session and a quick photo, followed by food and drinks in the College bar.

We are having a weekend away to a sister KU club in Cork, October 15th and 16th all welcome.

Welcome to all the new members and thanks for your enthusiasm, you have opened the door to black belt, enjoy the journey….

Any questions about the club contact or 086-8724249.