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What is Karate...????

Posted by Karate on Fri, 06-09-2019

What is NUIG Karate

Although Karate is a uniquely Japanese tradition today its actual roots can be traced back to the tiny island of Okinawa, and the Fujian/Chinese-based quanfa practices, which haphazardly found their way there during its old Ryukyu kingdom period.

Once a compulsory practice among local Okinawan law enforcement officials, today its defensive concepts have evolved into a challenging competitive sport, a popular form of self-protection and a vibrant cultural recreation. 

The fundamental basis of NUI Galway, Karate Club; Koryu Uchinadi is to provide life protection skills. In doing so it’s practice also conditions the body, cultivates the mind and nurtures the spirit, in order to improve health, it’s holistic purpose; build moral character, it’s social aim; help empower oneself in order to surmount human weakness, it’s philosophical nature; and in doing so, reveal inner peace and tranquility, it’s spiritual essence.